Our Story

Why We Created TradeWire

Established in 2019, we are a group of young and talented entrepreneurs and software engineers with a groundbreaking idea designed to simplify the way traders receive information by saving traders what is most valuable in their business – TIME.

We believe the time it takes for the service provider to receive the information and then to forward it on, is a costly and valuable time that is lost for you. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to create a web-based application to automatically find, sort, and consolidate this information. Now you finally have the chance to receive the information directly sorted and consolidated instantaneously through our web-based application with the ability to personalize how you receive it using our highlighting and sound options. Our goal is to simplify the amount of information you receive and reduce the number of service providers you need to receive this information whether you are a professional trader, a part-time retail trader, proprietary trader, hedge fund, bank, or a financial institution of any size.

What is TradeWire?

Information Your Way

What is the key advantage to any trader? Speed of information.

The team behind TradeWire made it all about the user experience. Our web-based application does not require any download and allows you to access important financial information directly from your computer or mobile device. Our advanced technology allows you to filter the information that is most important to you and it automatically pulls the most important information and displays it for you, saving you time from needing to open and find the information yourself. Of course, if you would like to open the SEC Filing or a Press Release and read it yourself – it is readily available with just a click!

Press Releases

*Click on the image below to see a quick video demo of our Press Release Stream!

receive access to Press Releases from today’s top companies:


SEC Filings

*Click on the image below to see a quick video demo of our SEC Filing Stream!

Receive real-time SEC Filings

Our advanced technology also automatically pulls the most important information from important filings, such as Form 4 Purchases/Sales and the 8-K highlight points, and displays it for you. We also included a filter, so you can choose only to see the filings that matter most to you.


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Receive important financial information, Including:

Volatility & Volume Alerts

Specific Unusual Option Activity

Smart-filtered Social Media News

Macro-Economic News

Our Next Steps

What’s to Come

As markets and information evolve, our goal is to grow and expand our offerings that will benefit users. We believe that our web-based application solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. Although we’ve only just started, behind the scenes we have been working away on expanding and continuously improving our application. We want to further grow our application to all sectors of the industry. As our company grows, we would like to move into automating unusual option activity, social media feeds and much more. Every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication, and our strong engineering team.

Have an idea for us that you would like to see? We’re all ears. We want to make sure you find out first about our newest web-based application developments and releases? We would love to keep you updated!  Just make sure to drop us a note or subscribe below!

Want a quick peek into the TradeWire service?


Real-Time SEC Filings:

See here how you will receive our SEC Filings – our advanced technology is clean, fast, filterable, and pulls the information for you – saving you valuable time, energy, and effort!

top-sourced Press Releases:

TradeWire Service Tutorial & Special Features:

Want a full-tutorial of the TradeWire service? Watch here to learn about our special features, including how to find the Filter Menu or how to quickly copy and re-paste information.