Let’s talk real-time SEC Filings.

You already know how imperative they are to being a successful trader. Despite that, you also know how much time you waste scanning through and opening hundred of SEC Filings in a single trading day . . . just to find out the information in 90% of them was not even necessary for you!

Now: sign-up for Trade Wire to finally have a service that not only allows you to search and filter which types of real-time SEC Filings you want to see, but also automatically displays the most relevant information for many of the SEC Filings automatically for you! As well as that, you can also open the original real-time SEC Filing in a separate window with a simple click!

No software download needed!

Access real-time SEC Filings, Press Releases, and other financial market news directly from any computer or smart-mobile device!

Apart from real-time, fully automated SEC Filings, you also can receive Press Releases from the world’s top PR Companies: PR Newswire, Business Wire, Globe Newswire and ACCESSWIRE.

Press Releases

receive access to Press Releases from today’s top companies:


SEC Filings

Receive real-time SEC Filings

Our advanced technology automatically pulls the most important SEC Filing information and displays it for you. Additionally you can access a filter menu in order to only to see the filings that matter most to you!

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And remember: no contract is required! You can cancel anytime (although we are sure you won’t want to!).

Find the subscription plan that fits your needs best – mix and match to receive just the services you want and need. So go ahead, click HERE to see what subscription works best for you!

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Real-Time SEC Filings:

See here how you will receive our SEC Filings – our advanced technology is clean, fast, filterable, and pulls the information for you – saving you valuable time, energy, and effort!

top-sourced Press Releases:

Press Releases from top PR Companies, such as: PR Newswire, Business Wire, Globe Newswire & ACCESSWIRE!

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